# Appendix A - Administration


  • Modifying workflow documents data. The Database Manager should be assigned role [WAManager] with access level Manager. Provided the application was developed following Workflow Ascendant recommendations (contained in this document), this user can modify any modifiable field in the document similar to the designated user in the workflow. Keep in mind however that the Database Manager assumes by default all roles in the process, which means in the case where there are multiple users intervening simultaneously at a given state, this can have unexpected/unintended results.

  • Modifying data fields. The Database Manager can modify any field in documents by selecting the menu Actions -- WA Modify Field (Notes client only). Select either specific documents or none to affect all documents in the database.

  • Changing a user name. Change a user name for workflow documents by selecting the menu Actions -- WA Change User Name (Notes client only). This can be particularly useful if someone leaves the company and active workflow documents need to be assigned to a different user (preferable to creating a long-term delegation).

  • Creating Delegation documents. The Database Manager can create a delegation document for another user. Surprising how often this happens. Or not. Note that new delegations are taken into account during the early morning hours of the following day when the scheduled agent which handles this is launched.

  • Forcing delegations. The Database Manager can force delegations to be applied immediately (rather than wait until the following day). This can be performed most easily from the Delegations view by selecting the button Run Agent. Reference the Admin View in General Web Interface.

  • Deleting workflow documents. The Database Manager can delete workflow documents directly from the Admin view by selecting the document(s) to be deleted followed by the Delete button. It is highly recommended however not to delete any workflow documents. If it is the most recent workflow document created, consider resetting the corresponding Reference document in order not to have any "holes" in the document numbering.

  • Updating chart data. Similar to Delegation documents, chart data (statistics) is automatically updated during the night. Should you need to have the latest, up-to-the-minute data, you can do update this data from the Admin view -- Chart Data screen.

  • Forcing state changes. The Database Manager can force the state of a workflow document by selecting it followed by the Force Change State view action button (Notes client only). This operation is particularly useful when a user mistakenly archives a document.

  • Logging events. You can keep track of various events by enabling logging in the active Language document. This option should generally be turned off as during production as the log can become quite large (particularly on the verbose setting).


  • In the active Language document, you can configure Workflow Ascendant in a number of different ways including: changing the language, changing the date format, exclude weekends and holidays from the day counter, change how buttons and messages are displayed, how default emails are presented and so on.
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