# Appendix D - List Classes


Dim listL As ItemList Declares listL as a list (class).
Dim listL As New ItemList Declares and initializes listL as a list (class).
Call List*Initialize ( listL ) Initializes list listL.
Initialization is not necessary for List_SetListFromDocField


Call listL.DeleteNthItem( index ) Deletes the item at position index in list listL.
Call listL.InsertNthItem( index, newItem ) Inserts a new item at position index in list listL.
myItem = listL.PopOffItem Pops off the last item in list listL.
Call listL.MoveDown( index ) Moves the listL entry at position index down in the list.
Call listL.MoveUp( index ) Moves the listL entry at position index up one in the list.
Call listL.PushOnItem( newItem ) Adds a new item to list listL.
Call listL.ReplaceNthItem( index, newItem ) Replaces the item at position index in list listL.


Call List_CopyItems( item | listL, resultL ) Appends an item (or items in listL) to list resultL.
Call List_GetIndexesFromItems( item, listL, index ) Returns the position index of item in listL (0 if not present).
If List_IsMember( item, listL ) Then... Returns True if index is found in listL.
Call List_OrderList( listL, resultL ) Alphabetically orders listL in resultL.
Call List_SetDocFieldFromList( doc, \"Field01\", listL ) Sets doc field Field01 (multi-value field!) with listL.
Call List_SetListFromDocField( doc, "Field01", listL ) Sets listL with the contents of document doc field Field01.
Call List_SetStringFromList( listL, ".", result ) Converts listL to a string in variable result using separator ".".


  For index = listL.GetFirstIndex To listL.GetLastIndex
      currentItem = listL.GetNthItem( index )


  While Not listL.IsListEmpty
      currentItem = listL.PopOffItem
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